When the Court considers making a Child Arrangements Order for a parent to have contact with a child it has to assume, since the Children Act was amended in October 2014, that it is best for the child to have both parents involved in their life but domestic abuse will affect contact.

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Is there such a thing as a good divorce? Absolutely there is. At 1st Solicitors we specialise in it.

Collaborative Family Law is one of the ways that we do it. In Collaborative Family Law you don’t go to Court but sit round the table with your former partner and your specially trained Collaborative Family Lawyers for coffee and biscuits.

Whilst adopting a joint problem solving approach, with your solicitor by your side, Collaborative Family procedure has a fantastic success rate.

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Family Justice Council issues guidance for litigants in person.

With Legal aid no longer available to most people, even those on very low incomes, more & people have to sort out their divorce settlement with limited access to legal advice or no legal advice at all.

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Thankfully most of us will experience divorce or separation no more than once or twice in a lifetime. You are likely to need some professional help and as the decisions that are made now will effect you, your family and your financial security for years to come it is only sensible to instruct a Solicitor.

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