Collaborative Family Law has been described as “divorce with dignity”.

We know, from experience, that the traditional legal process can make your experience of the end of a relationship even worse. Court proceedings are, of their nature, adversarial. Children can so easily, unintentionally, be caught in the middle.

In Collaborative Procedure, you and your former partner make a commitment not to go to Court. Adopting a joint problem solving approach, you will both be supported and advised by your specialist Resolution Qualified Collaborative Lawyers in a series of face to face “four way” meetings.

The business of exchanging information, exploring options and dealing with the legal paperwork are always dealt with together in these meetings with your solicitor always by your side.

Collaborative Procedure has much in common with mediation but unlike mediation you will receive legal advice at every stage. Collaborative Procedure is often considered to be better suited than mediation to complex financial circumstances. Indeed, in appropriate cases, other advisors such as collaboratively trained Independent Financial Advisors may be brought in to the meetings.

Collaborative Procedure has an excellent success rate and the cost compares well to other alternatives.

For more information visit: Resolution or ask us in your free initial meeting.

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